Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thank you... | Slice 15:31

The tired sun chased our car away from the pizzeria tonight. It followed us as we meandered through the Craftsman bungalows of our small downtown area. It jogged beside us passed the dormant golf course and nature trail, as well as the sleepy community pool.

With full bellies, we were sleepy too...and made the short trip home almost as if we'd promised not to say a word.

Until the silence stopped.
Which most typically is sponsored by our four-year-old's silliness. 
Or, scrapbook-sweet queries.  
(You can read about one such conversation here.)


We both glanced backward as if taking this scenario's temperature. His left cheek glowed in today's eleventh-hour light. His eyes were soft.

He continued. "I just want to thank you for taking us to a new pizza place for dinner. I really liked it and the pizza was good."

Or sometimes even, statements of affirmation.  

"You're welcome, Buddy. Your kind words mean so much -- thank you for blessing us with them."

As the sky's blue continuum grew bolder and more varied, so did our base of skills to nurture this little one.

And so did our confidence.

Write on,


  1. Oh love this! I love the conversations had with kids because they are so random and the most surprising ones are the nice ones. I love your imagery in your beginning!

  2. This is such a peaceful and sweet slice. The description of the setting sun and the silence in the car was a perfect prelude to the sweetness of your young one. So enjoyable to read!

  3. Love the personification of the sun!


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