Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time... (SoLS)

On a typical Tuesday, I strategically travel through the house
like a foreman finishing a punch list.
Dinner made.  Check.
Dishes in the dishwasher.  Check.
Reid's lunch made.  Check.
Dishwasher started.  Check.
Floor swept.  Check.
(You should be starting your school work right now...)
Laundry launched.  Check.
Clothes laid out for tomorrow.  Check.
(No, remember that big project you're working on?  You should be doing that right now instead of this other stuff you're also responsible for.)
The list seems to take on a life of its own...

Until it doesn't.

Like today...an irregular Tuesday...a fall break Tuesday.
I saunter through my new house glimpsing the sights like a recovering amnesiac.
Oh!  There's the perfect place to hang my new family room art.  Let's get the toolbox.
Oh!  There's where the chalkboard should be showcased in the kitchen.  Let's hang it.
Oh!  There's the candle I'd been thinking about for the coffee table.  Let's display it.

You see, I'm nesting.  That's true.  The baby is coming November 1 and I feel the urgency to organize, make pretty, hang, paint, stain, rearrange, clean.  But, there's another culprit: time.  Which, incidentally, I have right now.  To the tune of two weeks.

My well-meaning brother on the phone yesterday invited me to finish all the projects I've been contemplating for the past month...the ones I simply couldn't commit to because I didn't have the brain power (or the attention) to make the sturdy choices I'd be happy with more than two hours later.

But, on this Tuesday, I do.
I've made art for the little guy's big boy room (which, yes, is still not finished...).
I've kept up with the dishes not because they're on my punch list,
but because I enjoy keeping house.
I've washed baby clothes and organized them by size.
I've re-accessorized our mantel, and am contemplating starting on the bookcase.

Time.  It nearly always brings its sidekick, Clarity; thankfully. 
If this duo can stick around for a while, these projects...Brad...
will be converted to homey additions
and all before the big day.

Write on,