Friday, March 31, 2017

31: For the ages...

 Dad and I were in their garage workshop this week
He updated me on current furniture refinishing projects
and I noticed a new one: this

A showstopper

"What do you plan to do with this mantel?"
I ask before I get too attached
even though I already have designs about 
how it might be sanded, stained, sealed
to allow the piece's beautiful details to shine

How we might revise our current builder-grade mantel with this
what arrangements we'd need to make to start the installation project
support its progress, and see its completion
what materials we might use in the square opening: brick, tile, or shiplap

Even in its roughest form 
I know it is a beauty
a rare find
full of potential

In the hands of someone who knows about
types, characteristics of wood
how to use tools and materials artfully
the time and care it takes to refine roughness into beauty
{someone like my dad}
the piece will become the truest version of itself
one for the ages
for those in the past
and the special people yet to come
to remember them, him, me

Then I started thinking about 
how these special antiques mimic my writing life
March reminds me to get back into the workshop
and notice the beauty in moments, minutes, months
March reminds me
to lovingly refine
and save each one 
as the truest version of itself
to remember
for the ages
for my people
for you

Write on,

Congratulations, fellow writers, on SOLSC 2017! 


  1. LOVE this. The truth of it speaks to me. I see metaphor everywhere, and finding it in a wood project (with photos even) helps me appreciate this amazing writing challenge all the more. Favorite lines:
    to remember
    for the ages
    for my people
    for you

  2. Beautiful mantel, I hope you do get it. You always pick out just the right approach to share your story/thoughts. I love to read your words.

  3. The mantel IS a showstopper, but so is your writing! You ALWAYS "notice the beauty in moments, minutes, months" and I find each of your slices/posts as the "truest version of itself." Thank you for sharing your beautiful words!

  4. Just wanted you to know that I miss your words. Hoping you'll find time to write here again some day soon!


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