Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8: Bow ties!

It all started last Easter
with the two matching sky blue gingham button-down shirts
I found on sale at Carter's
that'd go with the khaki pants
already hanging upstairs
and the accompanying Chambray bow ties on clearance
So I bought two
the elder little wore it
the smaller little wore it proudly

Then Christmas and all the red-black-grey-flannel-corduroy-plaid displays hit stores
one red and black plaid flannel bow tie
jumped out at me as I rushed back into Carter's
one Friday after school
that'd go with the white button-down shirt
already hanging upstairs
So I bought one
the smaller little wore it to parties and family gatherings

"Nice bowtie!" special people remarked
"You look so handsome!"

Then we pulled out the elder little's 3T tub
Inside was a red and navy plaid button-down shirt
with a slate grey neck tie bedecked with bulldogs
"A....neckertie!" he mused
"Let's put it in the closet with my tie collection"
So we added one more
the smaller little wore it to restaurants and friends' houses

"Does he really pick to wear his ties?" special people asked

On Sunday we tiptoed through J.Crew looking for bargains
Inside at knee-level in the clearance section was a wooden bin full of odds and ends
Sure enough beautiful, classy, bargain bowties
"Can I have one?"
$19.50; no, $7.99; no, ADDITIONAL 50% OF CLEARANCE
$4 a piece?
So we added two more
the smaller little picked the cornflower blue one with thin navy stripes and
the burgundy one with wider navy stripes
Two for good measure
for white button-downs, gingham button-downs
chambray button-downs, and plaid
for friends, restaurants,
parties and family
for church, weddings
weekends and weekdays


Write on,


  1. This is just adorable!! I love how you used line breaks! Line breaks are really my favorite thing to play with in writing.

  2. Fashionable fellows in your house! Love the repetition!


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