Saturday, March 11, 2017

11: Tangled up in blue...

the ornaments came off
like for like and were piled up 
in a tidy semicircle on the carpet
around the Christmas tree
the trunk grew looser and looser
as Tom unscrewed each bolt
holding the trunk

"I'll find a sheet so we can pull the tree to the back door"

because of the needles
the needles

feet flew 
linen closet doors opened
eyes scanned the shelves
blue flowers were up front
hands grabbed

but my mind remembered...

the sunny blue bedroom in the front-right
of the ranch on Dearborn
the green furniture
the shag carpet
the soft blue flower sheets
on the guest bed
at Grandma and Grandpa's house

the sheets still folded ever so neatly
now upstairs at my house

my grown-up house

I buried my face
and I was there again, little
following around Grandma
standing in the tiny pantry tucked off the kitchen
opening the freezer for an afternoon treat

they haven't lived on Dearborn for 20 years...

I unfolded the fitted sheet just a bit more

Write on,


  1. What a beautiful poem! Such unexpected and touching memories...and all from a sheet. I love the small details of the shag carpet and blue flowers.

  2. This is beautiful! Love the memories you shared- it created a wonderful endearing picture of your childhood.

  3. Ideas exist in things they say. Well so do memories and you have cleverly linked actions of the present with memories of the past.Your poem weaves strong visual images of past and present. Thank you for reader insights.

  4. Beautiful memory and delightful poem! ~JudyK


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