Wednesday, March 15, 2017

15: Day by day, dose by dose...

the past two nights, this has been the bedtime conversation
between my husband and me around midnight
"So, if he doesn't feel any better when we get up in the morning,
who is going to stay home?"
and like clockwork, we'd nickel and dime our calendar engagements
"Well, I have this deadline..."
"And, I have this meeting..."
In unison, "I'm absolutely committed to..."


but he's not breathing well
(due to the post-baby RSV twitchy lungs)
and he's not sleeping soundly
because he is coughing
so we're not sleeping soundly
because we're worrying
that he's not breathing well


this afternoon's idea: 
if I call the pediatrician's office now
maybe, just maybe, we can still get in 
before I leave town tomorrow
"Sure.  How about 4:15 p.m.?" Barbie offers 
from the other end of the phone line
the cursory exams folllowed
listen to breathing
look in mouth
check out ears

"Buddy, do your ears hurt?"
"No." the eternally happy patient returns


I've seen this episode
lived this moment before


"You have a double ear infection"
"How about some nice, pink bubble gum medicine?"


the smaller little unpacks the CVS bag we picked up on the way home
even before removing his new shoes and placing them back in the blue box
"Can I take my medicine?"


dose 1; day 1
19 more doses to go
his eyes are brighter already

Write on,

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  1. I don't miss those days of negotiations on who stays home or sweet little faces with double ear infections. Hope all are feeling well soon.


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