Sunday, March 5, 2017

5: A Progression of Verbs...

Do...unpack two suitcases, sort laundry, take suitcases to basement, make dinner
Wash...plastic cups, creamy white plates, silverware from my grandmother, All-Clad
Launder...greys, socks, chlorine-drenched swimsuits, jeans, jammies
Study...reread fourth chapter from Anderson's Assessing Writers, draft PD session

I should slice now.  What will I say? 

It's only Day 5.   DAY 5.

Sort...match and fold socks, sort by boy, ask boy to take upstairs, check "put-away"
Pack...fill Corksicle, tuck breakfast and lunch items into purse pocket


Take...laptop, phone, earbuds upstairs to antique desk in office


Open...Blogger, new post



Write on,


  1. Oh, this is lovely! An almost perfect fit for my day, as well. I had lots of distractions--the biggest one was writing a test (that I didn't believe in) for students to spend time taking, (instead of writing their Slice of Life entries.) I managed to get it done and also post their Slices of Life from today. My procrastination with that test was my SOL inspiration for today too because I didn't leave myself room for inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing. When I saw the title, "Progression of Verbs," I just had to stop by! Good job getting all your actions accomplished, including writing this beautiful post!


    1. Thanks, Denise! I feel I've already used about two writing 'gimmes' as posts so far, which if I do the math, is regrettable. I will do better this week! Hope your week is a super one.

  2. Absolutely loved this! A perfect slice of your life.

  3. One would never know there was struggle finding your words, they are so perfectly written. Love the format!


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