Monday, March 13, 2017

13: Mirror Image...

Sometimes I just go in there and shut the door
I have a project to do
They play ball, cars, trains, planes downstairs
My fingers click and clack across the black and silver keyboard
I am surrounded by the shelves of literacy mentors
Calkins, Ray, Serravallo, Roberts, Zinsser, Anderson, Ayres, et al
the binders of notes from institutes that turned into planning files encircle
New Teacher Academy, T1 ELA Coaches 3.13.2017
I sit at the antique desk much like my childhood teachers' back home
The chair swivels, ideas pause and then grow, change
To keep going, I reach for the next tool
in my sunny haven upstairs

Today I found him there before dinner
What are you working on? 
He stacks, staples a lot, and creates something
that looks like a bedazzled layer cake
His weight shifts as his little right palm pushes down my favorite stapler

He sits at my desk opening the jars that hold paper clips, rubber bands, markers
and experiments with pens and pencils from the polka-dot mug

The chair swivels, his project expands into letters...
Here's Hayden, Mommy.  See -- H.

and pictures...
Here's a crane, Mommy.  See -- it has a long arm.

and paper clips...
How do you do these, Mommy?  I need two.

The wide center drawer opens with a tug from his tiny hands
Here are more markers, Mommy.  I'll just use these for my project.

Can you close the door, Mommy?  I need to be able to think...

Write on,


  1. Oh so adorable - a writer is birthing right (write) before your eyes!

  2. Oh my goodness. This was such a cute slice. Keep on writing little writer!


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