Sunday, March 19, 2017

19: Warmth

Here's my perch this afternoon
Looking south on Broadway Street
Watching the cars, taxis, walkers, strollers pass on 75th
My cheeks are warm, so are my knees as I sit in the sun
reflecting on
 taking and analyzing running records
how running record patterns guide instruction
just-right checklists to help students set and work toward writing goals
and the many ways data points differentiate core instruction

Here's my take on all of it --
I have more questions than answers
More balloon strings at risk of slipping through my fingers
than taking my thoughts into the stratosphere
up, up, up
into new places, new phases, new projects
new understandings
Is it that I'm trying to fit new ideas into old forms
Maybe that's why it all feels slippery

In just a few hours my perch will look more familiar
less like graceful towering buildings and more like green neighborhoods
more like day-to-day activities and less like vacation spontaneity
more like school, family, house
packing bags and pairs of socks
and less like a subway ride to
inspirational addresses and solid workshop sessions
to grow my thinking
How will these ideas incubate?

With time
session notes
"I wonder if's..."
coffee dates
rougher drafts
cleaner drafts

With warmth.

Write on,


  1. "More balloon strings at risk of slipping through my fingers." I know just how this feels. But carry on! It is all worth it! This is such an introspective slice made up of just the right images.

  2. I know that feeling well. Talking about it this week will be great. Enjoy.

  3. I loved your balloon metaphor. Lovely. What a beautiful way to express what many of us feel after a week/weekend of learning.

  4. I certainly identify with your line, "I have more questions than answers." Love how you explain how these ideas will incubate - and with "courage, vision, perseverance, and warmth" - you'll teach on.


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