Sunday, March 12, 2017

12: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Dear Stella,

While we both have claims on the Big Apple this week, mine are of the educational persuasion and yours seem bent on causing trouble.  You see, I've been sitting, waiting, wishing it was time to come back to Columbia University and now it's here. At Saturday's Reunion I'll listen, learn, collaborate, and grow.  With old friends, new friends.  And, typically, because I'm an easy-going type of gal, I would say the weather really doesn't matter...

But you see, little by little I pack my carry-on and refill my stash of travel-sized toiletries...and I realize how you intend to shift what I want to pack in my tiny carry-on.  I borrowed gloves -- because in the Midwest it's on to spring break clothing for retailers and glove displays disappeared with the Mayish month of February -- and packed a new mini umbrella. Because of you and your aspirations. My packing list before you included stylish clothing, fun shoes, and room for a few other items I'd planned to purchase in the city.  Now, I'm squeezing in sweaters and extra layers and heavy socks and a hat and all of it has to match the one pair of boots I'll wear because they won't fit inside the suitcase either.

Really Stella?  Double digit deposits?

Is it possible you're simply full of hot air...the way so many like you are?  Is it possible that your fickle winds will flit away and that the forecast will be redeemed?

Dear Stella...go fly a kite.  Because that's what we all should be doing right now anyway.

And I'll go to New York to learn...and walk...and enjoy.

In spite of you.



  1. I hope the snow will be a melted memory and you can repack your stylish garments/shoes. Enjoy the learning!


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