Thursday, March 20, 2014

Counting the days... | Slice 20:31

Gleaming like the morning sun 
it sits on the eastern kitchen sill 
as a monument to 
what will come come over spring break
when the bags are packed 
and the Jeep drives two hours north
and the boys and Mommy 
unbuckle, unload, 
and then unlock 
the door at Grandma and Grandpa's house
it is the topic before dinner and after prayers
Mommy, as soon I as get up I will tear off the next link
because we will be another day closer
to seeing Grandma and Grandpa
And sure enough he remembers this morning
bounding down the stairs like an arrow speeding toward its target
Will you help me get it down?
Thank you
Let's touch and count
7 days!

I can't wait, Mommy
Me neither

Write on,


  1. Oh, glorious spring break. The anticipation is almost as good as the week itself!

  2. My husband and I were saying the other day that maybe we should just tell the kids about exciting things the morning they happen, because the craziness that comes alongside the anticipation can at times be a lot ... Yet your post highlights all the fun parts about waiting. The format of your post is very fitting!

  3. I love the link counting! What a great way to anticipate the trip! I can hear your child's sweet voice in these words, "Mommy, as soon I as get up I will tear off the next link."

  4. Two more weeks for me, and I'm headed for my sister's place in CA. I haven't been there in three years, so maybe a paper chain is in order for me too! Anticipation is half the fun of a trip. I love your words, "monument to anticipation."

  5. The countdown to family time. So much anticipation! It's going to be great. :)


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