Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dress-up | Slice 29:31

I do this sometimes
I disappear into my closet, and reemerge many times
as someone different
Maybe I try on my black leggings, new tunic from Anthropologie, and the suede Mary Janes I wrote about earlier this month...
the boho-hippie girl I like to be sometimes
Maybe I try on my spring capri pants (to make sure they still fit) with my mix-and-match knit shirts, mostly striped...OK, always striped...
the preppie girl I like to be sometimes
Maybe I try on my black dresses with new accessories (like pearls, or statement necklaces, or a scarf) and different pairs of heels (like round-toed pumps, pointy-toed patent leather slingbacks, or bronze peep-toed slip-ons)...
the refined girl I like to be sometimes
I consider this all homework
You know, for the mornings where I need to get dressed quickly
(which, incidentally, is most of them)
I remember
which shoes complement each
skirt, pair of pants, and dress
I remember
the combos I wore last season
and the new ones I create while playing dress-up
I found a sleeveless dress hanging in a suit bag from Parisian
I bought it four years ago when the store was still open downtown
It still has the tags hanging from the left armhole and it still fits
But when I put it on it needed something that popped
so I added my most recent purchase
this belt, a steal at $4.88, from Loft

It goes with the dress like the two were sold together
A blessing...I might need such an outfit sometime soon
And I found it playing dress-up

Write on,


  1. I like how you call this homework! :) It does help on those get dressed quick mornings. I love when I go shopping in my closet and come up with a new outfit. Well done.

  2. By the way I am holding you responsible for that certain pint of a certain kind of a certain brand of ice cream that jumped into my shopping cart today! Writing and adding a picture has consequences! Oh my it is yummy...

    1. I love this, Kim! I'm so sorry my piece led you down the primrose path (to really delicious ice cream)! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I always forget -- how many servings are in one pint? ;)

  3. Whenever I have to pack to head out of town, I must play dress-up too. But I must be happy with my choices because there is no closet of options available when I travel. Don't you just love it when two items go together so perfectly?

  4. I hope you don't mind me rummaging through your older posts, I'm just in awe of how well you play words off photographs and vice versa. Really cool and very smart. 'playing dress up" as an adult. What a concept.

  5. I missed this post the first time around, but I came looking when you commented on my last Slice. This sounds like so much fun!


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