Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Looking forward, looking back | Slice 12:31

While Grandpa hobbled up two steps into the house and straight toward the great room to nest in the leather armchair with the men, Grandma stood in the sunny entryway eager to explore my family's new house with the ladies. At 89, wrinkly skin hugged her warm brown eyes naturally drawn to detail. I followed her small steps, cradling sweet, sleeping Grant, and listened to her musings.

"Look at the stairway. It's so tall and straight."
You know, I used to have an upstairs like this when the kids were growing up...but now, no more stairs for us!

"Look at the tweed couch. It's so comfortable and new."  
You know, I used to have fresh, cozy furniture...but now, my 'new' couch numbers a decade and is uncomfortable and outdated.

"Look at the countertops. They're so beautiful and sturdy."
You know, I used to have a nice kitchen, my dream kitchen, that we remodeled...but now I just imagine cooking in the fancy spaces I see on Food Network each afternoon. Have you seen Giada's? It's sooooooo pretty."

"Look at the appliances. They're so shiny and modern."
You know, I used to love new gadgets...but now, I don't have room to keep any of them except my coffee maker and egg cooker.

"How do you like your dishwasher?"
You know, I've never had one.

I didn't realize...

Write on,


  1. I'm loving the entries I'm reading like this, where you wise authors use two voices to imagine the meaning behind the words. Made me remember my grandma!

  2. This let me live with you for a few moments. I know you and your grandmother a little bit now. Thank you!

  3. Perspective is huge, isn't it. How wonderful to have a grandmother to see things through.


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