Monday, March 4, 2013

4:31 -- Dinner Shift...

Breakfast shouldn't have been that much work yesterday.
The steaming, syruppy pile of pancakes invited me in,
but I didn't want them.
The warm winter sun beat down my back as I sat at the table,
but I couldn't enjoy it.
In my heart, Monday kept bullying Sunday.

My husband sensed my intermittant attempts
to be strong,
to stop the tears from flowing
every time I thought about my
maternity leave ending;
and taking my coughing baby to day care;
and wondering how our sleep schedules would meld with work responsibilities;
and imagining how crazy our mornings would be from tomorrow forward.

"Tomorrow's a big day, isn't it?"
his question more like the nod of agreement.
"Maybe we could make everything easier tonight
if Reid and I pick up dinner. 
Anywhere you want. 
Then, no kitchen clean-up will eat away our evening." 

(My hero.)

It was then Monday's menacing grip loosened and
Sunday's responsibility load lessened.
It was then I smiled,
and prepared to enjoy the day
with gratitude
with stillness
and the anticipation of delicious dinner
I didn't have to fix.
It was then I felt the sun.

Write on,


  1. Oh what a gem of a husband you have there! I thought about you today, wondering how the day was going. I loved the personification of the days, Monday bullying Sunday. Enjoy your dinner!

  2. You've been in my thoughts today. I hope your first day back went well. What a considerate husband to know the perfect way to loosen Monday's menacing grip (I love that phrase).

  3. I hope your first day back was a god day. Although I can just imagine how your thoughts must have been with your little one whenever there was a spare moment. What a thoughtful husband you have - he knew just the thing to make your sunshine reappear on a cloudy day.

  4. beautiful. Brings back memories for it was yesterday-4 years ago. Thinking of you!

  5. Hmmm, you have one smart husband. Hope you had a great day back to school.

  6. "Monday kept bullying Sunday"

    I hope you are proud of this line. It's personification at its finest.


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