Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12:31 -- Unlikely Servant

Before the sun awoke,
the man came
uncovering the driveway
swath by swath
working hard
just like he does all day
in a pinstriped suit
making loans
helping customers
mentoring staff
His boots
powdered and melting
shortly to be replaced by
shiny shoes dry in his closet
at home
His breath
more labored than the middle-age couple sleeping inside
provided the rhythm
to finish before she went to work
and he arose to recuperate from
the heart attack
that came on the heels
of a knee replacement
that kept him from
shoveling his own driveway
wearing his own suit
slipping into his own shiny shoes
greeting his own boss
who is
this morning
his servant.

Write on,


  1. The image of the transformation of the shoes and then of their owners was so powerful. Such kindness.

  2. The story this poem tells is one of an enormous kindness. What a kind thing to to for another.

  3. Breathtaking imagery, superbly crafted, awe inspiring.

  4. Wonderful flow of words where each one has an impact. I loved the use of the shoes...and the kindness that is shown. Thanks for recognizing kindness in your post today. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. Our world needs many more examples of service such as you depicted in this poem. I hope it's based on a real life story!

    1. Yes, it is...my uncle had a major heart attack in February. I'm sure my aunt has been thankful for acts of kindness like this one :). You are right -- it is inspiring :).


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