Friday, March 22, 2013

22:30 -- Sugar...

I've made plans to leave it off my plate.
I've made efforts to leave it out of my house.
I've made decisions to leave it out of our mealtime repertoire.

Even though I really want to leave it in.


I think about it when I am stressed.  I dream about it when I want a snack and nothing else will do.  I pine for it when all I have for lunch is boring soup...because surely, after boring soup, I've earned a reward.

Without knowing it, I've nurtured a little boy who loves sugar too.  It started with making chocolate chip cookies together and then savoring each warm, chocolaty bite.  It moved into making good use of the frosting remainded in the fridge by slathering it atop a crispy graham cracker.  It progressed to candy treats gathered with each passing holiday.  He responsibly organizes it by type.  And rations it after sorting.  

And asks for it every night at dinner's close.

"What can I have for dessert?"

"You can have either strawberries or raspberries."  
Look at us; we're enabling healthy choices.  Controlled healthy choices, but choice none the less.

"That's fruit.  Fruit isn't sugar."

Internal gasp.

"I would rather have a cookie from the freezer."

Yes.  Me too.  Bring it.

"OK.  Maybe just one tonight.  Cookies are special treats though; they're not for every night."

Really?  Judging by my historical data, they must be.

The apple never falls far...


Write on,


  1. I also have a sugar addict. How about everything in moderation?

  2. My weakness is not the sugary treats - its the salty chips and pretzels and popcorn that call my name.

    It's tough to make changes. Hang in there and keep going. Moderation is key.

  3. I can relate. My sugar specialty is chocolate in all its forms. Those raspberries and strawberries would be much better dipped in chocolate!

  4. What a powerful combination of short and long sentences you have in this piece. It is so thoughtfully written, keeps me wanting more at the end. I can SO relate - I loved the conversation at the end that it is just a treat -- i use those EXACT words every time with my 3 year old daughter, as if saying that will make her understand! Don't stress too much, just enjoy a cookie once and a while! There will always be strawberries tomorrow!

  5. I'm living in this same dream! Our actions speak so much louder than our words. The other night one of my darlings asked for a cookie after dinner. We don't keep cookies in the house (even if we did, they wouldn't last long), but she insisted that we have a cookie. It was kind of funny, but I guess we were both a little disappointed. Thanks for the slice! Oh, not slice because that makes me think of chocolate cake. Thanks for the reminder of my own sugar addiction!

  6. Such a wonderful "slice" of life...well maybe the problem is that we keep using the word perhaps "morsel" of life would be better...but then I think of those little chocolate gems in the pantry...sigh...going to have some oatmeal...with some honey!

  7. Yeah, me too! Love my sugar! How about if you made a carrot cake? Or strawberry shortcake? Or banana splits? Those could be considered fruits and vegetables!


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