Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27:31 -- Plus one...

I snuggled you at the restaurant this morning as we sat across from my friend, Andrea, pleased as punch to be carrying her own little you.  Inside.  At 22 weeks, she dreams of what he'll be like all while staring at you.  Your big blue irises beckon anyone who looks long enough to get lost in their wonder.  She does.  There are nursery plans, and diaper subscriptions, and name discussions.  You smile, and gurgle, in you understand: her words are aimed at me, but her heart is tethered to you.  You are her hope, at 38, after a miscarriage, after five years of marriage.  She coos, imagining what her new life will portend.

I could tell her,
this baby will be the sum of your hopes and dreams,
just like you are.

I could tell her,
this baby will bring you faith and more love than you thought you'd ever know,
just like you do.

I could tell her,
this baby will bring your family together,
just like you have.

I don't want to spoil the surprise though.
Her 'little you' will reveal these blessings soon enough...

You did.

Write on,


  1. A beautiful tribute poem. It captures it all.

  2. Giving me goose bumps. Such a cool poem and so true. Congratulations to your friend.

  3. I love the way you speak to your own baby in this. And the way you repeat "just like" with different verbs. Wonderful writing - oh, and the love, wonderful.

  4. I have chills - what a little miracle. What a nice way to savor the little expecting moments. Congrats to your friend.

  5. what a beautiful way to show your love for your little one.

  6. How lovely - your love for your little miracle is oozing through this post@


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