Monday, March 30, 2015

30: The one and only...

Her wispy, sable curls
sometimes cover her chocolate eyes
She wipes them away
with emphasis
and moves along to find the next
She always does this
like during dinner or
in the car or
at a ballgame or
when she wants more orange juice
in her girly-colored sippy cup
with a straw

Tonight, she picked me to target
Her newly three-year-old self
strides in and catches me
kneeling beside the giant tub
in Grandpa and Grandma's bathroom
as the smaller little 'swims'
She finds a spot to perch
surveying the situation
I know she's up to something
She always is

Me: Do you want to take a bath, too, Emmie?  You can hop in. There's plenty of room.

Emmie: Well, it's not up to me.

Me: What do you mean?

Emmie: 'Is he your kid?' she points at the little's tiny ear half-covered by white-blonde curls.

Me: Yes, he's my kid.

Emmie: I have a booster seat.  Wanna see it?

Me: Hop in the tub.  Taking a bath now will help Mommy and Daddy.

Emmie: But I don't want to get clean.

Me: You can play, though, and that's fun.  Here are some cups.

(She undresses, first tentatively, and then climbs into the tub like the whole exercise was her idea.)

Emmie: But I don't want to wash my hair.  Grandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Grandma has to take me a bath.

(We wait, with baited breath, for Grandma's swift arrival.)

Me: Emmie wants you to 'take her a bath.'  I hear you are the best at baths.

Emmie: Grandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I don't want to take a bath.

Grandma: But you already are, Emmie.  And taking a bath is a good thing.  

(Emmie's mom and baby sister open the pocket door and slide into the bathroom too.)

Emmie's mom: Emmie, you're taking a bath!

Emmie: No, I'm not.  I don't want to take a bath.

(Sheesh.  Girl, you're in the tub.  Quit.)

Emmie: But I won't wash my hair.

Emmie's mom: Yes, you will -- that way you won't have to wash it tomorrow night.

Grandma: Let's play beauty shop!  Here's the special shampoo...  

Emmie: But I won't get it wet...

Me: Alright, little guy -- let's hop out and dry off.

Emmie: But I don't want to get out...

And so it goes
just as it always does
with the one and only

Write on,


  1. The picture says it all as do your words, I know she's up to something. You must be on spring break.

    1. I am, Ramona! This is the first leg of our stay-cation -- some time at Grandma and Grandpa's. Home tomorrow!

  2. Life is so fun with a one and only. No logical reasoning will ever work with a one and only, but they are so fun to have around (for a while). The ending was just perfect and that picture, priceless.

  3. This is so well-captured and so hilarious! Perfect title, too.

  4. Life will never be boring with the one and only around! You were the master artist in this one as you painted Emmie's portrait with your perfectly hued words! I know this because when I reached her picture I thought, yes of course there she is.

  5. No, it never is! When my brother sent me this picture of Emmie, he titled it, "The one and only...", which has stuck. :)

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