Thursday, March 26, 2015

26: The last Saturday afternoon date...

We bundled up as the golden leaves blew
across the front yard and into the drive
I knew I should go
as if my heart foretold the end
that Saturday afternoon
Grant nestled in the carseat
and I in the front
We headed north, toward the place
that's one stop closer to heaven
In the parking lot I unhooked his latches
he wiggled out and into my arms
The wind still blew
and the leaves still danced majestic in the autumn sky
and the tears still formed
and then falling
and then stopping
the brave face
I put on to go through the
first set of double doors past the nurses
and then the next set into her wing
and finally the single door into her room
that opened like a treasure trove
full of the people I love
all sitting there
all waiting
for the next breath
in the center
Grandma laying
her cornflower eyes hidden
her crown of soft, white curls
danced as she gasped toward
her next breath
I looked in
my heart
buoyed only in knowing
soon she'd find
the bright space,
the perfect place,
her Savior
my grandpa
her mother
her father
her brother
her sisters

I shared Grant and padded in toward the bedside seat
I held her familiar hand and
I nuzzled her wrinkly cheek
Grandma, I love you
years of memories rolled across my heart
as I sat
at the thought of heaven
tearing up
at the thought of this world without her
that my boys would never truly know
the woman
who steadied my slippery baby body
in my parents' kitchen sink that first bath
who lavishly loved her family
who chose to laugh in all circumstances
with determination and moxie
a woman
after whom my heart is fashioned

We bundled up as the golden leaves blew
majestic against the blue sky outside her window
I couldn't stay
yet I lingered
knowing this would be
the last Saturday afternoon date
We held hands
three generations

I kissed her forehead
I'll see you there...

Write on,


  1. This is a wonderful tribute to your grandma. I could feel the love and respect in your words mixed with your joy for her soon to be peace and your sadness for what would be missing her. The connection to the fall leaves was strong and produced an image that makes me smile-cry-happy-sad....I guess that is the mix of your feelings too. She must have been a great lady.

  2. A beautiful accounting of not only a graceful passing, but a life well-lived. You've captured the details of this special, sacred moment.

  3. Special words for a special person in your life. Saying good-bye is always difficult, but your ending offers the promise of someday you will be together again. This was a beautiful flashback to the years you had together.

  4. These are the hardest poems to write and you've done it beautifully.


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