Monday, March 16, 2015

16: The gift...

A typical Thursday
I took my place at the table
across from my supervisor
draft documents
pacing guides
blanketed our workspace

"Before we get started with our agenda, I have a favor to ask you."

"I received an invitation to a conference in a couple weeks and with my schedule, it simply isn't possible to attend.  I would like it if you could go."

And somehow despite the gigantic question mark that
chaperoned the party called Details
like missing home, missing work, missing meetings
I knew -- I knew -- they would all fit together

"Where is the conference?"

"San Diego."

Detail #1: I love San Diego.  And that may be selling my feelings short.

Detail #2: I need the sun's warmth.  Call it SAD; I'm running in the red.
Detail #3: I need to feel the beach's soothing sand as my toes dig and emerge; dig and emerge.
Detail #4: I covet the space to breath, learn, dream.
Detail #5: Palm trees. The midwesterner's bellwether indicator of change.

Strike that --- I knew they would fit into the timeliest blessing

"Yes.  I'd be happy to go..."

The perfect gift.

Write on,


  1. I could feel your excitement. This says it best, "And somehow despite the gigantic question mark that chaperoned the party called Details...". What a great way to capture that feeling. California here you come!

  2. Love the same line as comment above. Clever turn of phrase. San Diego is delightful. Happy for you! D :)

  3. AWESOME! Truly a gift of time, warmth, and learning. The best!


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