Sunday, March 15, 2015

15: Stuck on the Stickies...

I love binders and folders and colored tabs,
but my desk is a mess.
I love building PowerPoints that take into account every variable known to man,
but I do not store them in tidy session folders on my computer.
I love stylish storage crates that fit into my Ikea shelving units,
but the contents spill out over the top and sometimes puddle on the floor because
what I really don't want is to give up another cubical that could be used for professional books for a basket that turns into a catch-all when I'm cleaning.
I love organizing the clothing that hangs in the master closet by color,
but there are remainded shoes, missing their soulmates,
sprinkled around the periphery of my smallish kingdom.
I love curating my favorite resources in topical folders on Chome and Evernote,
but at any given time I have no fewer than 30 of them open.  Why?
I love keeping my Outlook calendar too,
but my flagged items never get touched
once they make it over to the 'To-Do List.'

Because I've yet to find the system that makes my heart sing.
All the time.

So today I discovered this new-to-me Mac Airbook
has an app I've yet to try: Stickies.
A NEW way to organize.
And I can color code: red for urgent tasks, yellow for middle-of-the-road.
And the notes can stay on my desktop until I remove them
And I can quickly revise items, deleting accomplishments
like Pavlov's dog.

Will this new feature keep me, well, organized?
Or, will it be the current intervention for all my other organizational schemes?

Only time will tell; but, for now, it is keeping me focused
on zipping through my now color-coded to-do list...

Write on,


  1. Whatever it takes, until the next best app is developed.

  2. I do love my stickies! And like you, I love office supplies.

  3. I do love my stickies! And like you, I love office supplies.


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