Wednesday, March 25, 2015

25: The upside of Wednesday...

4:00 Grant pick-up
Extra time for a trip to Target
Pick up cake pops at Starbucks
Prepare dinner early
Clean up dinner before bedtime

4:00 Grant pick-up
More time to work-out
Start a load of laundry
Sweep the floor
Finish that extra project

Go to bed early

The upside of Wednesday...

Write on,


  1. Once you've made it to hump day, it feel like we can make the rest of the week. My boyfriend and I were just saying that if we could have off on Wednesday (4 day work week with a break in the middle) that the week would seem more bearable.

  2. I think it's the go to bed early that appeals to me. Love the luxury of sleep!

  3. I'm tired after reading all that! You've earned that early bed time. I think I will go to bed early in your honor. :)


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