Thursday, March 19, 2015

19: Like clockwork...

I pull up into her driveway
and leave the car running
the twenty steps I make to the front door
successively speed up because
I know who is on the other side
waiting on me
to come
when the nap is over and
school is done and
the sun is shining
I knock on the weathered brown door
because a little scotch tape and a little piece of paper
cover the doorbell to keep morning drop-offs at a whisper
Afternoon pick-ups, though, come with a shriek
"I do it!!!"
as little feet sprint down the wooden hallway
and little hands swing open the door 
I bend down
and he runs, blue eyes blazing
into my arms
like clockwork
I kiss his ear
and my arms squeeze his tiny trunk in 
the hug I've been waiting on
"How was today?"
"He was super; took a good nap; ate a good lunch.  Even green beans."
"See you tomorrow, little guy.  I love you."
I reach the doorknob
and he wiggles out of my arms
"I do it!!!"
and he does I follow him
out to the purring car and 
around to the back passenger side
where he waits by his door
"Mama, help please!!!"
I lift him up, nuzzle him close and
launch into a story to steal his attention
away from the car seat buckles
"Nose kiss, Mama?"
We lean toward each other and gently rub ours before
I walk on air back around the car
and buckle myself in 
We pull out of the driveway

Write on,


  1. Love it! What a cutie! I could picture every action, the running to meet you, little hands opening the door, and bending to get a hug. I love that age. Enjoy your little one…they grow up way too fast.

  2. Now there's a spark of sunshine in any kind of weather day! The routine of pick-up and back to mama's world should be like clockwork. Loved peeking over your shoulder as you took me through every step.


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