Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10: Made for it...

At 97 years, 91 years
70 of them married
they were made for it
a crown of white hair next to hers of chestnut brown
giggling about the 'old folks'
living down the hall in their retirement complex
they just didn't want to admit
that they had slowed down too
from the rocking chair by the garden sliding door
he said, "'Mother,' when I die check the clock."
and I'm sure, from the kitchen, she didn't turn to look
he said, "There's a piece of paper stuffed inside."
and I'm sure, from that day on, she didn't check
not ever
because she wouldn't
until that Friday morning when
she woke up in their apartment and
he woke up in heaven and
there were people to call and
plans to make and
she read his 1920s cursive
"Bless this House"
"My God and I"
"Happy Trails"
opening it was admitting
that they had become
the 'old folks'

Even if they were made for it

Write on,


  1. Such a beautifully poignant remembrance of your grandparents. So lovely!


  2. A beautiful memory to start my morning--sad, but full of love. Well written, deeply felt!

  3. Heartbreakingly beautiful . . .
    You have such an eloquent way to share such a poignant bit of life.


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