Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11: Mama, geeks!

A gaggle of them congregated
using their gangly, sticks of legs to scratch around
the barren fairway that backs up to my parents' yard
These wild turkeys looking for an afternoon snack
were much bigger than I expected as they
pawed around animatedly and
moved bit by bit down the treeline

We watched in wonder from our warm perch
in their east-facing kitchen
Each voyeur taking a slender window as
we closely read each movement and shrieked when they ran
across the fairway as if playing chase
We talked about wild turkeys as
color commentators would a big game
The smaller little excited, added his two cents

No worries my child,
I see one peering out from the mirror each day and
I'm OK with that

They skittered out of clear view
while we laughed
with tears
and a few well-placed nuzzles
to his still-babyish cheeks

Write on,

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  1. You set the scene so perfectly, I was standing at my own window when I saw the geeks too. Love that you capture this moment and language, plus the twist into the mirror.


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