Thursday, August 4, 2011

My sixth slice-of-life story...

This is my first week at school for 2011-2012 and I'm swerving back into my routine!  (Which is why my SOLS is two days late; but, better late than never, right?)

Planning some staff development, I've been playing around with the Margaret Wise Brown's classic text, The Important Book.  We're using her succinct, clean style as a writing mentor for a team-building activity.  And, it's gotten me thinking about the other areas of my life and work I could apply her timeless masterpiece as a springboard for my own pieces. 

The natural choice, this week, to write about is: (you guessed it) SCHOOL.  Don't you love the humongous grins and palpable enthusiasm as students enter the building that first morning, knowing that the year is going to be one of wonder and growth?

The important thing about
starting school is that
the students are excited to be back again.
They are smiling from ear to ear,
they have backpacks jam-packed with supply treasures,
they are dressed in spotless starched uniforms,
and walk with increasing speed down halls full of promise,
but the important thing about
school is that the students are excited to be back again.

We love what we do because of these grins; I know I do.  The excitement is contagious. :)  Let's tether ourselves to the anticpation students will bring with them.  After all, it is our true north.

Write on,


  1. I use The Important Book in several ways; it is an 'important' book (te he). I think you've found that nugget of why we do return. The kids always come with such open-faced happiness, even the older ones! Your poem gets it just right.

  2. I love your description of the first day of school! It's always so exciting and refreshing to see the students in their new clothes, shoes, etc. to watch them re-connect with their friends, and see their anticipation of what they are going to do in your class!


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