Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My third slice-of-life story...

15 days until school begins...

Wide-eyed, I glimpse at my calendar each morning.  Only 15 more days of summer vacation!  My new iPhone taunts me with each finger-slide, showcasing the date in LARGE, bold numerals.

Neil Young says in "On the Way Home" ---  though we rush ahead to save our time, we are only what we feel.  My current game plan is to not rush over the next two weeks (even though my list grows by the hour to prep for school's start at home and in my room), but instead to feel and enjoy my favorite things like... 

15. Homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch
14. Mall walks at non-peak hours
13. My chambray sundress with flip-flops
12. Morning trips to Super Target with my little shopper
11. Cooking real food instead of bagged meals (sorry P.F. Chang's)
10. HGTV
 9. A catalog skim
 8. Naptime projects (most are born out of randomness around 2 p.m.)
 7. Morning strolls around our sleepy neighborhood
 6. Storytime cuddles
 5. Reid's pretend cooking...Kitty wants some fruit, right...?
 4. Cookie-baking forays
 3. Time to dream...
 2. Thursday dates with my mom canvassing town for bargains and a tasty lunch
 1. Coffee breaks at Starbucks with my son; chai latte and fruit twists, please :)

15 days; 15 objectives;  350 hours to feel before the rush.

Then, again, maybe feeling could last a whole lot longer...

Write on,


  1. Hope the days meander slowly for you, raking up as much down time as possible.

  2. What a great list of To-Do's! I hope you get a chance to savor the time left.

  3. I like your countdown. I used to try to remind myself that summer wasn't over just because I was back at work, and slip in a couple of trips to the beach right after work! Make another list of things you can STILL do, and slip in some of those to extend your days!

  4. @Donna --- great suggestions for keeping summer around a bit longer. Jealous, however, I can't run to the beach after school! Landlocked. What would my version be though?


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