Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My fourth slice-of-life story...


I'm not sure if I can find a font large enough for the way these two little words make me feel today.

Last night, we got the message --- the back and forth is finally done over dollars, (lack of) sense, deadlines, and dreams.  It's been an intense week of bargaining.  And, like a new notebook that opens in all its splendor for the next page to be written, here we stand peering off a precipice just waiting to jump.  The sizable question is, "Where will we land?"

Sure, we've done our share of internet research, Sunday open houses, generic neighborhood drive-throughs, and we've chatted with friends who live in other parts of town.  Our intent and investment level skyrockets today.

August 23 = closing.
September 12 = possession ends.
Meanwhile =  life, school, projects.


Having our house on the market intermittently for the past year, my inner odds-maker was betting on selling over summer break from school and the numerous naptimes I'd have to reorganize our lives in a new space.  Now, this task will be relegated to sandwich times --- between our son's bedtime and ours, between getting home from school and making dinner, between getting up and leaving for the day.

I'm overjoyed, even if this piece is tinged with anxiety.
I'm excited, even if my Outlook calendar is nearing capacity.
I'm eager, even if I haven't a clue how it will all turn out.

I'm peaceful because it just will.
Somehow, someway. 
And, perfectly.

Write on,


  1. Congratulations on getting your house sold! Life will be hectic, but only for awhile.

  2. Timing isn't all it's cracked up to be, I guess. But it is wonderful that you finally sold your house, & will have this new adventure! Good luck in the inbetween move!

  3. I am really enjoying your blog posts. I'm glad that moving doesn't include this site as well!

  4. At first I thought that you were talking about teaching contracts and union negotiations :). Congratulations on selling your house. It is always such a time of mixed emotions, but I love the sense of tranquility at the end of your post.


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