Monday, March 25, 2013

25:31 -- Wallflower, Spring

I thought you came, Spring.  I thought you brought along warmth, and flip-flops, and sunshine.  I thought you'd unpack souvenirs of green grass, and budding leaves, and colorful blooms from your travels...once you settled in.

But like in a house full of relatives, where one leaves while the others stay, and one arrives while the others enjoy coffee and dessert in the living room, you came while Winter couldn't bear to part.  Too greedy for the next course.  Too worried he'd miss out if he left early.  Too insecure he'd be so easily replaced.

Our backyard winter wonderland...
So, today, you're both here...although one is quieter than the other. Spring, you're the wallflower relative, sinking into the corner upholstered chair while Winter loudly takes center stage, demanding all eyes on him.  Spring watches the goings-on, while Winter tailors them to his likeness and benefit. Winter flourishes under your observant eye, yet inside feels a little... egocentric...and bossy. All the while, you wait for a chance to jump into the conversation if the time is right.  Maybe.

So, today, we'll be like you, Spring.  We'll sit inside and stare, with contempt, at Winter's nervy frosting outside.  We'll dream of the sunshine, warm on our faces, and the delight in our hearts while we enjoy one of your beautiful days to come.  We'll imagine the baseball games, and trips to the park with no jacket; bike rides with or without training wheels, and washing the car on the driveway.  We'll try on sandals and skirts, bolero jackets and Bermuda shorts in hopes that they still fit, in hopes that we can meet again soon.  For real.  Out there.  With no chills or second guesses.  And, after the fashion show, we'll sip hot chocolate with mint marshmallows because it feels good to be warm...and the warmth with radiate into our hearts and minds. We'll remember what it's been like before...and pine for what it will be again. We'll bring the warmth this time, Spring; next time, though, it's your turn.

Write on,


  1. The idea of a spring/summer fashion show amidst the snow sounds like fun.

    Enjoy the hot cocoa too!

  2. "So today you're both here... although one is quieter than the other" Beautifully said and observed.

  3. I love the personification you have given the seasons. I am right there with you, hoping that winter will pack up and head out. Spring is being patient, I wish she was a little less of a wallflower.

  4. Interesting how you compared the seasons to relatives. Here, here for spring taking the next turn and staying to take the limelight.


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