Sunday, March 24, 2013

24:31 -- Waiting...

We sat today waiting.  Waiting just like we were at a concert, in the upper section, with free tickets that were passed along by a boss or well-meaning friend.  It's not really what we want to see...but yet we find ourselves here...waiting.  So, we pass the time by scrolling through our news feed, watching people, surfing the internet, and talking with friends.  We vacillate between fits of impatience and providential patience, but both are tempered by disbelief.  Disbelief that anything worthwhile will really come out of this experience.

For days now, there have been murmurs.  The murmurs turned to conversations.  The conversations turned to watches.  The watches turned to warnings.  And the warnings turned to red stripes scrolling on the bottom of TV screens and red flags on my weather apps and big, bold letters wherever the red showed up.

It's coming!!!  Pay attention!!!  WINTER STORM WARNING...

But the thing is, we didn't want to.  It's the end of March.  It's spring break.  It's that time of year when the flip flops weasel out of the closet on not-warm-enough days...just because it's nearly warm enough.  We're tired of this show, Winter, and we're ready for a new one.  This one's O-V-E-R.  Besides, we've really had our fair share of snowstorms this season.  One more is simply too much.

So, there was church, and a fantastic family feast at Grandma and Grandpa's, and an Easter egg hunt in the basement with cousins, and a few rounds of sugary snacks. But, still, nothing for our angst.  Just an unsettled, non-committal wait with periodic glances at the blue-grey sky and snowflake teases from time to time.  Nothing that amounts to anything...but a threat...and a good deal of Facebook attention.

8-10+ inches.  Really?

So, after waiting, and hedging our bets, and checking the radar, we started on the two-hour trek home.  Still no snow.  No blustery wind.  No dark, heavy clouds.  Within the first five minutes, the back seat grew quiet -- on both sides.Within the first thirty minutes, the front passenger seat grew quiet.  My husband drove.  He watched the sky.


An hour later my eyelids fluttered, surrounded by unnatural early evening lightness. The tires grabbed the road.  The front and rear windshield wipers swish, swish, swished in stereo.  The roads were white with black pinstripes.  The sky before us, a giant snow globe...freshly shaken.

It came.

Even though we weren't that interested.
Even though it isn't what we really wanted.

But, I guess it's something to do.

Write on,


  1. Ha! So sorry. I don't know where you are, but we got it Saturday & my brother texted me with a pic this am. I guess you must be east of Missouri, B. Beautifully written, supposed to be gone soon. We're going to slowly rise in temp & be 60 something by Wednesday. Come on spring for spring break!

  2. Sorry, but I'm glad it's you and not us. I've had my fill of snow. This is the first Sunday/Monday in a month that we have not had storm warnings and lots of snow. This one missed us. And I am glad!

  3. I live in Denver (where Linda at teacherdance lives). Yesterday, our first day of spring break, I shovelled a foot of snow! We need the moisture, so it's a good thing, but I wish it had come two months ago! Hope you can settle in with a good book!

  4. I love your wonderful and so true...we too are waiting...again...but I'm ready with a book or three:)

  5. Yes, it is with disbelief that this weather had to show up again. Moisture is good, but I'd rather live through the liquid variety at this point of the month. You have crafted a very fun piece of writing.


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