Thursday, March 21, 2013

21:30 -- Deja vu...

We had a two-hour delay.

I'll say it again because it never happens: We had a two-hour delay.  Supposedly, there was a power outage somewhere nearby and everyone knows dark buildings and students don't mix.  They just equal trouble (and extra time).  Which, afforded me a coffee break at Starbucks with a friend before heading to school, and a few unexpected chat times with teachers, and an opportunity to collaborate on an upcoming project with a team mate.

So, with verve and anticipation, my outspread arms grasped a laptop, iPad, notebook, glass of water, a pencil, and school key as I clicked down the tile hallway to see her. Beforehand in my classroom, I used engineer stealth to stack these must-haves.  After all, last year when heading to a meeting, I absent-mindedly shut a spiral notebook in my laptop, which, in turn blackened two-thirds of my screen right where the spirals made contact.  (It was a crisis of district proportion that, after sweat and tears [mine], found resolution at the hand of a Computer Fairy.  Thankfully.)  

But, I digress...

At an impromptu workspace created in her room, we talked about close reading, and immersion, and transference.  We talked about research, and conferences, and Mary Ehrenworth.  I balanced my laptop on my....lap....and took notes while analyzing media clips.  We made progress.  I got excited.  (Nerd Girl Problem #432: Giddiness developed over really cool learning opportunity.)  With one smooth motion, I placed my machine on the student desk behind me.  I needed my hands to properly communicate my message.

And there it waited, patiently, until I was finished.  Our talking birthed ideas that needed documentation, so I jerked backward, watching my left hand
          grasp the keyboard slowly beside the QAZ
               push it over to the desk's edge
                    feel its weight a top my fingers mid air
                              release it like a hot potato falling
                              Resting on its side, it looked like a proper L.
                    Eyes shut; asleep.
           Devilishly dim in the mid-morning light.

Before I saw the L, I saw last fall's blackened computer screen in my mind.  I felt the stress, too, of calling technology; groveling to my boss; enlisting the help of friends to troubleshoot.  I imagined making the choice: no computer or paying the district for my broken one.  And, here I sat, again, in the middle of the messy scenario.

Fingers flying, I called my friend at central office.  She's a techno goddess.  I recapped my problem between nervous giggles.  "Have you tried turning it off and rebooting?"

I hadn't.  That solution was too easy.  Too obvious.

Half-heartedly, I powered the laptop down and then up again.  A tell-tale beep announced Microsoft's presence; a district logo -- yellow and vibrant-- filled the screen.


My cheeks stretched into an ecstatic smile, my eyes danced at the thought of dodging replacement fees.  They both faded, post haste, in embarrassment.

I just called my superior so she could invite me to turn off my computer.


It's like Deja vu...although this time, the Computer Fairy was Techno Goddess.

Write on,


  1. I'm glad it was an easy fix! I'm sure that was a nerve-racking call though.

  2. This is my nightmare! So glad everything your computer still worked!

  3. Going once, going twice... okay, let's stop there! If it had broken, I think I would have been really tempted to just go without a computer instead of telling them!

  4. Terrifying moments! I love the way you wrote this, especially the fall. So glad the fix was so easy. It was your lucky day.

  5. you had me in a panic! But I enjoyed your description of relief "My cheeks stretched into an ecstatic smile, my eyes danced at the thought of dodging replacement fees. They both faded, post haste, in embarrassment" I think they should buy you an Ipad----less bulky! :)

  6. I'm so happy it was an easy fix! The embarrassment is worth an easy fix.


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