Friday, March 1, 2013

1:31 -- It's time...

Every day since late-December, my heart beats like a ticking time bomb.  I glance toward the basement stairs and look away, embarrassed that I don't just walk over and bounce down them like normal.  Like the first time I think about it, instead of the twenty-first.

"OK,'s time to exercise," each breath conspires. 
"I KNOW," is my calculated response,
"this is my chance." 
My makeshift exercise studio downstairs awaits; jealous and wanting.

"It's good for me."
     The baby's asleep.
"It's good for my heart."
     The house is quiet.
"It's good for my mind."
     The routine frees me up to take a mental vacation.
"It's good for my jeans."

And, then, I make it to the closet for my Yoga pants and tank.
And, then, I bounce down two flights of stairs.
And, then, I pop on the lights... one...two...three...four...
all the way over to the TV.
And, then, I click ON to start the electronics.
And, then, I hear the contagious drums...and the encouraging chants..."Lift that leg!  HIGHER!!! 
You can do it!"
And, then, I notice the smiles, the fit bodies; the warm and speedy endorphins cover my mind and body like a race track.  It feels good to be getting into shape again.

Yes, this is my basement date with Mari Winsor's fat-burning Pilates workout.  Yes, every day.  Yes, until I can fit into each and every pre-pregnancy piece waiting in my closet like a forlorn child.  Because, yes, my maternity leave ends this weekend...and Monday, the real clothes -- the ones that don't consist of Gap exercise pants and a forgiving cotton tee -- are front and center.  Zippered waistband and all.

And, now, even as I'm slicing, my heart ticks and my mind wanders down that stairs to the familiar routine that continues to gift me with the ability to wear my old by one.

"It's good for me.
It's good for my heart.
It's good for my mind.
It's good for my jeans."

It's time.

Write on,


  1. Way to go! Keep it up and you will again dominate those jeans! They will no longer jeer at you. And your forlorn clothing, left for so many months will welcome you in!

  2. So hard to do, have a date with exercise. I admire your attitude and resolve. You cracked me up with clothes like a forlorn child. Sorry you have to head back to school Monday.

  3. b-

    I've been in my workout clothes since my shower this morning. My daughter isn't napping and I'm vowing to stay in them 'til I get my workout in tonight thanks to your inspiring post.

    Glad you're in this month!

    My best,

  4. Happy first day of the slice of life challenge! I feel the same way anytime I look at my workout clothes. It probably doesn't help that I live across the street from a gym!

  5. I love the line "It's good for my jeans". I'm going to have to start using that. Good for you for getting down there and exercising!

    Glad you are slicing this month!

  6. You are an inspiration - I've put off my exercise routine for far too long now and I vowed that March 1 would be the day I not only began this writing challenge (again) but would be the day I got back into an exercise and healthy eating routine! So - thank you for actually doing it because now I am encouraged to follow your lead!

  7. I love it! I'll be in the same predicament soon. Getting into the jeans is a motivator like no other sometimes. It sounds like you are on the right track. Enjoy those tunes and let that baby weight just melt away.

  8. "Yes, this is my basement date with Mari Winsor's fat-burning Pilates workout."

    I love this line. A smile broke out on my face as soon as I read it.

    Good for you...and your jeans :)


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