Monday, March 18, 2013

18:31 -- Evolution...

It sits in the center of the room for now
just like where I found it
in a pole barn
at an auction
in a small Amish and Mennonite town upstate
I'd been looking for one
to spin
to sit
to think
to create
to soar
while remembering my roots
the old school building where I grew up
marked 1936

won the chair
that looked both like
its contemporary Pottery Barn counterpart
my elementary teachers' desk chairs
just rougher
more experienced
with splotches
and cracks
and squeaks
from some other classroom
some other teacher
some other desk
Now preparing to be at mine

Write on,


  1. This is definitely a voice/chair from the past--so many stories there. What's your first name "b?"

  2. Cool! I would love to have one. I am retired now, and remember those chairs...and yes, they have lots of stories. I liked your words...just rougher more experienced with splotches. Jackie

  3. I love the power of the short lines that get more specific. You got yourself a find for a great price. It does have stories to tell. Sweet!

  4. I love thinking about the past of new-to-me items. Great find& price!!

  5. Awesome. I love when thing have history, stories, before they come to us.


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