Monday, March 11, 2013

11:31 -- Collecting moments...

Now that I'm back at school from maternity leave, it seems like every little task and tidbit is completely compartmentalized.  There's a specific order in which we get ready to make sure everything works out:

Get up
Feed the baby
Finish getting ready
Get the toddler up
Breakfast for everyone
Finish packing the bags
Move bags to the car
Get coats on
Get baby from upstairs
Grab school bags
Move out to the cars
Say goodbyes
Drive away NLT 7:20 a.m.

There's a specific order for how we unwind in the evenings too.

The jumble of jobs is smoothest if done in a certain order because the packing is dependent on the dishwasher and the dishwasher is dependent on the meal...  You get it.  If I think about all this too life starts to look like an instruction manual from Ikea.

But, in all these mundane, predictable moments...there are surprises too.  Ones that make me giggle, or want to shoot a few quick pictures, or give kisses and hugs, or close my eyes in complete thankfulness that all these mini-events are the stuff of my life.

The future isn't thinking about sending my boys to school in an actual elementary, or how they'll be in high school.  The future is what we do to manage the moments in the present.  How we collect them to make something special; a life with more to come.

This piece of wisdom (and wordart that I created above) is courtesy of Leslie Feist, singer-songwriter of 'Mushaboom,' which incidentally is one of our favorite songs right now.

One of the funny moments in our collection is when I pretend to be Feist and Reid pretends to be the mushaboom guy when we sing in the car...

Write on,


  1. I love the idea of collecting moments. That's what slices are for me, moments that could slip away unless I write it down. The routine is the structure, but there is always the possibility of a slight detour in the day. I love your word art!

  2. Oh, so true "in all these mundane, predictable moments...there are surprises too." Making very predictable routines to carry us through the mundane activities is wise, I think. We need that order so that we can focus less on the chores and more on the surprises in life. Feist fan here, too.

  3. We talk a lot about rhythm at the parent/child program I attend with my daughter. It sounds as though you've developed a strong rhythm for how things will go. Lots of small moment stories will surely come out of that.

  4. I love this thought! I think it's going to make me more aware of the surprises in the everyday. Thank you :)

  5. I love these lines: "The future is what we do to manage the moments in the present. How we collect them to make something special; a life with more to come." Thanks for sharing the music. I'm so impressed that you're finding time to slice in the midst of your transition back to work.


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