Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2: It's just like...

He concentrates on using a wide, black spatula to 
press down the hash browns 
sizzling inside the electric skillet
while I whisk the eggs 
dancing around inside the large measuring cup
I add the shredded cheddar, 
salt and pepper
while he flips, presses again, and 

You know why I like to eat at Steak & Shake so much?

I look up, wondering*
*We do all love a crispy-edged cheeseburger...

I can go there anytime
and it is just like
and I’m walking in
with Joe
my grandpa
for a date
He used to take me 
on dates
Just us 
I loved that
before his heart gave out
and mine broke

I like 
my burgers
liberally salted and 
tossed into a screaming
hot electric skillet
to brown on one side
and then the other
before the snug blanket of
Velveeta melts atop
I can make them anytime
and it is just like
and I see Lorraine
my grandma
wearing her apron
in the avocado kitchen
on West Dearborn Street
frying cheeseburgers
for us
I loved that
before she became widowed and moved
into an apartment
and I moved away from home
into an apartment
in the city

She would've loved the
last burgers we made...

We should go 
to Steak & Shake

Write on,


  1. Cooking together, memories are conjured with the movements, smells, tools, whatever. Memories make the food taste better than any seasoning. These memories are so crystal clear, precious.

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories! Made me think of my grandma and cooking with her! I felt like I was there and now may want a Steak and Shake burger!

  3. My senses are wide awake an I am thinking of the way MY mother used to cook hamburgers. I am tasting that crispy edge and seeing that avocado kitchen. So poignant: "before his heart gave out
    and mine broke." Thank you for your beautiful words!


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