Sunday, March 13, 2016

13: Faith...

Sleepy fields
and parks
and shops
all absent
on the drive
this morning
even the church
from the stoplight's perspective
atop the interstate overpass

There was nothing

Like the Grand Canyon
so many years ago
I stepped
out of the car
in anticipation
the beauty, scale, shading
vivid as a postcard
in my mind

There was nothing

A grey pillow
smothered the vista
I reconciled
the postcard and its
beauty, scale, shading
with reality
My mittened hand on
the frozen railing
led me to know
it was out there
down there
across there

There was nothing
but even still
there was something

in what
should be
could be
will be

Write on,


  1. Too sad that the clouds were low on your day at the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, I love the way the fog makes everything blurred, but that's only when I'm home and not driving.

  2. Love these words: "There was nothing but even still there was something." Faith see us through the times when we can't see. Your memory of the Grand Canyon reminded me of our trip to Mount St. Helens. After a film, they dramatically pull the curtains to reveal the mountain, only on the day we were there, all one could see was clouds. "There was nothing, but even still there was something." Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Such a thoughtful description of what faith really is - "what should be, could be, and will be again."


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