Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Celebration! 7.5.2014

It's Saturday...and while the sun shone, the green grass somehow looked more like an emerald comforter; the blue sky more like an azure ocean; the light breeze more like a refreshing hug.  And, as I followed a little yellow bike with training wheels around our neighborhood, or pushed a red umbrella stroller through a gathering of classic cars, I thought of you.  Because there is so much ground we need to cover.  So many tidbits to tell.

Like this one: I got a new job.  God connected each and every dot to create an amazing opportunity...and I'm over the moon about it.  I will be working as district literacy coach by supporting seven building-based coaches, creating and providing professional development sessions on a variety of reading and writing topics, setting goals with administrators, and encouraging all my colleagues to be passionate risk-takers.    

Or this one: Reid is learning how to swim.  Last week he wouldn't jump into our neighborhood pool without an adult catching him before his toes even hit the water.  This week he met Miss Courtney and over three lessons a world of intriguing possibilities opened to him like an unlocked treasure trove.  He's confident.  He's trying new things.  He's smiling.  And, he's asking to go to the poolallthetime.

Or this one: My boys are playing together.  THIS has been a long time coming.  You see, the elder little is an unflattering shade of green whenever the smaller little is nearby.  It's maddening, these behaviors.  It's maddening, the discipline.  For these stretches of strife, my words and actions aren't flattering either.  Sometimes I feel like I'm running on a treadmill, all day every day, or refereeing a boxing match.  It (seemingly) never gets better and it (seemingly) never ends.  Until, lately, when I'm not looking -- I'll turn to catch a glimpse of two boys playing cars quietly in the family room.  Or, four little feet pattering across the wood floors in an impromptu game of chase.  Sometimes they giggle.  Then, my heart melts, just like it did the other day when I witnessed Reid passing Grant the board book he dropped from his car seat when we were on our way to Target.  Somehow this summer is bringing the brothers closer...

Or this one: Tom and I took a short trip.  Which, incidentally, has also been a long time coming.  For four days, we talked, and breathed, and chewed and tasted our food at restaurants; we stood on dunes overlooking Lake Michigan; we splurged on appetizers and a tennis outfit for me; we rented a court and played -- for the record, I beat myself; we window-shopped in picturesque little towns with historic names.  And it was relaxing.  We smiled at the feeling of limitless time -- until we were on our way home.  Then we sped toward my parents' to scoop up two little guys.

Or this one: Grant is healthy.  If we've hung out electronically over the past 20 months, you know my littler little has had breathing issues since birth which surrounded us with a host of nebulizer meds, more than our fair share of pediatrician appointments, two stays in local children's hospitals, and a satisfied insurance deductible.  April brought pneumonia, four days at Riley, and new inhalers.  It also provided a new day care situation because my lovely friend offered to watch G in her home so he could fully recuperate.  And he has.  He hasn't been sick since.  He's growing.  He's happy.  He's full of energy.  His eyes are bright.  Ours our too.

I'm hoping today also finds you with bright eyes, bluer than normal skies, and close family ties. Celebrate this long weekend! :)

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  1. WOW!!! There are so many amazing celebrations!!! Celebrations of health are amazing!! Congrats on the new job beginnings are awesome! Happy Celebrating!

  2. So much to celebrate! Glad you had a time to get away for a few days!

  3. So thrilled to read your post and be brought up-to-date. I've missed you. The new job sounds wonderful. Glad you squeezed in some time away, glad the boys give you occasional glimpses of sibling bliss (my two could never sit beside each other in church without fighting), and glad to hear that G's health has improved. Loved your beginning and ending - you've been missed!

  4. This post made me so happy! :-) Yay! to a perfect job! So much to celebrate in your professional and personal life, thanks for updating.

  5. So much to celebrate here! I love your descriptions of the referee mom, the jealousy of sibs and the trip-oh, and congrats on the job! So happy that things are on the up and up!

  6. So, so much to be happy about, the kids playing (it does get better-my granddaughter now 3 & 5 are finally having fun together), the new job (wish I could work with you), your son getting better (such a worry, but now alleviated), and your time away (love you got to taste the food). Have a wonderful time at the pool!

  7. What a wonderful post full of amazing celebrations! It sounds like you had a really nice trip Congratulations on the new job! Have a great week!

  8. Hi, glad your littler little is doing better. my daughter had same issues when she was a toddler. She grew out of it. I hope the same happens for you. Congrats on your new job too.


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