Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My twelfth slice-of-life story...

Most of life isn't made up of grand gestures.  Instead, the littlest niceties are where we are most real and make the most impact.  Think The Power of Small by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.  This week, I'm especially thankful for the kindnesses shown by loved ones, colleagues, friends, and even strangers (like Morning Barista #2 and Rochelle --- see previous SOL stories for more details).  Here's an embellished list I could mine for later writing pieces:

1. My husband had dinner ready on the stove tonight when I returned home late from a PD.  The salty, gooey goodness of the Hamburger Helper enveloped my soul.  I felt like Queen for a Day!  Loving and kind; my hero...

2. Tonight during staff development, a friend was first to share during the whole-group idea swap.  She single-handedly got the ball rolling toward excellent discussion...but mostly, I think she jumped in to save me from the clutches of a quiet room.  Thank you.

3. My son's school recently sent me the kindest email about what a pleasure he is to have in class.  My five back-flips (all imagined) rivaled a warm hug.  We're doing something right...

4. A few days ago, two second-graders burst through my door with jack-o-lantern grins, candy corn, and a sealed-envelope surprise from their teacher.  A most thoughtful thank-you.  Nobody goes wrong with kind words and sweet treats.  Nobody.

5. Life Group friends, busy with jobs and three young children, invited us over for dinner because they could feel the stress of our impending move.  All worry swaddled up in their generous thoughts.  Unselfish and beautiful. 

6. A school parent, excited about the composition notebook clearance at Target last week left a message because she thought the tip would help our winter family writing night planning.  (Editorial comment on teacher shopping behaviors: cheap notebooks + cash-strapped educator = volume purchasing; see light hoarding in Webster's.  There are 160 composition notebooks in my trunk right now.)  I love that she loved our event last year enough to think about us during her weekly shopping.  Affirmation.

Last week my SOL story ended with Morning Barista #2 offering to "make my day better...by making the perfect drink."  This week, I thank my lucky stars that Morning Barista #2 walks this world with other like-minded do-gooders who, above all, are unselfishly good-natured and more caring than the average bear.

Our daily challenge:
Look for the little, for smallish gestures like these are the most powerful.  
Be real.  
Make an impact.
(And next week, YOU could be the focus of someone's blog entry...)  

Write on,


  1. Your outlook is awesome! I will be looking for the small things and appreciate them when I find them.

  2. So very upbeat, again. I'm happy to read your posts for they do make me look for the good things around me. I loved your list & am glad you had such a week full of these little, but grand, gestures. Kindnesses abound! I also have to ask: did you show your barista last week's post? You should. It would be a good week for her with it!

  3. I agree with Elise and teacherdance. I need to be more appreciative of the things around me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your post made me smile as soon as I started reading. I can hear the voice in your piece. It almost reads like a little book of gratitude. Love your list and I agree that each idea would make a wonderful post. I enjoy your writing very much. :)

  5. I've named you a Versatile Blogger. Check it out!

  6. This is a great reminder as I sit with my coffee - I'm my own barista so I should chat myself up - into a good day.


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