Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My eleventh slice-of-life story...

A Shot of Wisdom

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes..." I replied hurriedly to a colleague at school before me.

Fumbling to clear my makeshift office at Starbucks, I grabbed my wardrobe of bags, ice water, and cup containing the the last few sips of chai.  Approaching the door, proverbial bells, whistles, and signs beheld me, "Do not even try to grab that door handle; you'll lose your grip."  As a Super Woman (I'm sure you know the type), I stayed the course --- hand oustretched, contact made, push, keep walking, and...


My catlike reflexes (or mom/teacher behaviors, take your pick) flew to the fore: grab the napkins, sop the spill, shovel the belongings back into their rightful storage.  Make.it.out.the.door.on.time.

"Can I help you?" Morning Barista #2 offered kindly from above the pastry case.
"Let ME clean that up."

"No, no.  It was my mess. 
You don't have to clean this up,"
I replied...a little more pink than red.

"Well, then at least let me make you a new drink."

(I couldn't believe my good fortune...but my realistic side stormed through the flowery pause.)
"I only had a few sips left.  Like an inch.  You don't have to, but thanks."

"No, I want to make your day better.
I'll make you the perfect drink."

What an inspiring thought...I want to make your day better.  Another shot of Starbucks wisdom, but then again, I'm pretty sure I've heard that message before.  It goes way back.  So, the question is, am I always looking for the opportunity to make someone else's day better?  

I hope so.  And, I hope when I do I'm not just making it but making it perfect...like Morning Barista #2.

Write on,


  1. I LOVE that the barista wanted to make your day better. What a simple act of kindness. It went a long way, didn't it?

  2. I LOVE THIS--this may be my mantra for the next couple of days---I want to make your day better....if only we thought that for every kid we come in contact with--every person for that matter! I hope you don't mind if I share this

  3. Not at all, Deb :). Thanks for your kind words! Morning Barista #2 has inspired me too...


  4. What an awesome and positive slice to share! I would love to hear, "I want to make your day better." Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the way you told it, slippin' & slidin' toward the door. We just knew something was going to happen, & it did! But, the best yet to come, & it certainly made my day better. I'd like to share this too. Thanks for telling us.

  6. I love the voice that I hear in this writing - and oh my, to have a day where someone says I want to make your day better, what a gift! I'm already thinking of who I can say that to - and what I can do!

  7. This was so fun to read! I really love the way you use the way you organized the text on the page. I love the line, "My catlike reflexes . . . " Also such a wonderful balance of dialogue and description. If you haven't shared these stories with Starbucks yet, you just have to!


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