Monday, March 31, 2014

Retrospective | Slice 31:31

Playing in the nursery this morning before nap, 
Grant happily climbed around on the antique rocking chair from my parents. 
I snapped pictures, for fun, but realized they go right along with where we are today.

It started off at the beginning
like a challenge
one we'd have to climb up into
making solid our footing
piece by piece

And once we were up 
it seemed like daily 
we grew
through community
Fellow writers made us strong
even when we weren't confident about
the words and ideas we'd strung together

And there were the days
in the high-teens and early-twenties
where a tired thought argued with a productive one
It'd be easy to skip tonight...
The challenge won out
Perseverance blossomed
We chose a new angle from which to write

As we drew near to 30
we stood tall
surveying our stories
noting the influences 
of friends
of mentors
of comments

And now we've arrived
March 31, 2014
We sit
the satisfaction of stick-with-it-ness
we know we can do it
And because we can keep growing together
week by week

Until Tuesday...

Write on,


  1. I loved the pictures with the words, the two blended so well. It was fun to be a part of this challenge. Til next time.

  2. Yes, we have arrived with ample reason to stand tall and keep growing together. I love the pics that inspired this slice.
    I hope to someday write slices like yours. They always inspire me and make me stretch!

  3. What an imaginative way to celebrate our journey - just perfect. And, perfect last lines, too...until Tuesday!

  4. What a perfect ending to a great month! It was an uphill climb, at times, but you are right, perseverance wins out. How were you not going crazy with fear of Grant falling as he balanced on the rocking chair? You just created a phoem (photography + poem). :-)

  5. I'm so floored by this final post. The photos are amazing and your perspective of moving upward and "the satisfaction of stick-with-it-ness glows". I'm sad I'm just finding your blog today!


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