Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elusive curls... | Slice 11:31

At mid-back, my hair is the longest it's ever been
Anymore when I go through my hair-drying routine
of plotting my head like a familiar subdivision
and drying each lot one by one around a bristle brush
and letting each curl set before moving onto the next phase
All I get is volume, with a little curl that falls flat
post haste

It's time for a new solution.

Sunday night, I showered before bed
and formulated a secondary plan:
If my old routine isn't working because
I never have enough time to let my curls properly set
what I need is to invite my hair to work
while I sleep so
I divvied, and rolled, and jimmied
the so-called 'handy' foam curlers'
velcro straps
and went to bed looking like my grandmother

Monday morning, I finished drying the too-big
loops of hair cascading out of the too-small curlers
Unrolling each package felt momentous
but tinged with disappointment
More curlers?
More drying time?
More skill?

Later than evening, I explained this week's experiment to my mom over FaceTime. With a sparkle in her eye she shared the solution:

"Well, Brenna, what you really need is a hair dryer like I used to have. You could sit underneath it each morning, drink coffee, and do schoolwork while your curls set. That's what I would do..."

"For how long?"
Hey, she may still have this up in the attic.

"An hour."

"Mom, I'm trying to save time, not spend more time."

"Then maybe you need a hair cut."

And that is it.

Write on,


  1. I don't understand why girls worry about their hair so much and I wouldn't want to look like my grandma :)

  2. I used to love waiting all night to see how my hair would turn out after I took out those pink foam curlers. The suspense and the risk of utter disaster was part of the thrill. Good luck with your hair dilemma. Long hair is a hobby really.

  3. hahaha I love your mom's response. Cut it. lol Now what will you do?

  4. You have given it a good try - maybe your mom is right. But only if YOU want more time more than more hair. Good luck!

  5. When we got a pink hair dryer like that we were so excited. Before that, we used to go to the laundromat to dry our Saturday hairdos. Saturday was a big day for rolling our hair and sitting under the hair dryer.

  6. A secret I've been keeping from my blog is just how much time I've spent focused on my hair the last couple of years. So my first thought when I started reading your post was, "Have you tried Curlformers?" And then I kept reading and when you got to that excellent photo of the bonnet dryer I thought, "Oh, but they make much less cumbersome ones now that probably also take less time."

    Full disclosure: I haven't tried curlformers, and I don't have a bonnet dryer. But ... I've watched any number of youtube tutorials and testimonials about both, and I'm convinced that they're good options. I'm just stubborn about spending the money. So curious to hear what you try next!


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