Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Poodle? | Slice 4:31

He reads to me while we cuddle in bed tonight. "Oh, look -- these two words have the same letters at the end," I invite.  "Th-ink, P-ink," he reads with a smile while adjusting his favorite fleece-footed jammies.

Before saying prayers, we add this week's crumpled Weekly Reader to the book mountain overtaking my nightstand. Afterward, I kiss his soft cheek that somehow seems to grow a little more taut and tough each day.

"I love you to Poodle and back." He envelopes me with his chocolaty eyes as he spoofs "Guess How Much I Love You."


"You see, 'Uth' is over here (he points) and Poodle is waaaaaaay over here (he travels across the room to indicate distance). It's the farthest planet and that's a long way from us on 'Uth.' That's how much I love you, Mommy."


I love it. I compliment it at school and treasure it at home.

I'm awestruck that he loves me enough to compare his feelings to something as infinite as space. Again and again he amazes me with his charm, his candor, his connections.

"I love you even more."

And with that send-off, we creep down the carpeted hallway and into his bedroom for the last part of his bedtime routine: tuck-in.

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  1. What an adorable conversation between you and your son. I was laughing out loud at the "poodle" part of the story. I love that you included so much dialogue in this post. What a fun read.

  2. I love how the explanation for 'poodle' came after reading the whole piece. I did infer. I miss the cuddle and the foot pjs. I'm glad that you are savoring. xo

  3. Beautiful. Melted my heart. My dad always says, "I love you more" even to this day. Your child will love to hear those words forever.

  4. Sweet moments to hold in your heart forever.

  5. Love reading these snippets of your day. Like Nanc, I miss the footed pjs and the snuggle time. Think of how much fun you'll have revisiting these pieces in 20 or 30 years!


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