Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art lesson... | Slice 27:31

We had just finished the tough part -- peeling the final product from its waxy background.

"Mommy, let's hang your new sticker over here," he headed toward the dining room window while padding around shiny pieces of All-Clad that dotted our kitchen floor thanks to one toddler who likes raiding cabinets far more than toy boxes. I followed with baited breath and a back-pocket "Why this window, Reid?" just in case he didn't offer tantalizing details, such as this one. I'm always so curious to see how his line of thinking unfolds...

"Here we go," he slid behind the white wood blinds with the colorful dragonfly sticker pressed into one hand. We had made it together over the past two days, thanks for a kit my parents mailed him on Valentine's Day, and had waited...and waited...and waited for each component to dry before moving on to the next. 

Reid's little creative heart swooned as he found just the right spot on the lower half of the casement window. He used his soft fingertips to pad it into place.

Time to pull it out. The question du jour. "So, Reid, why this window for your beautiful dragonfly?" His answer came before I took my next breath.

He walked toward the antique chair closest to the window, patting its black leather seat pad. "Well, Mommy, you sit at the dining room table this do school work on your computer, so I wanted you to have something pretty to look at. You can look at it and think of me."

He teaches me with his dried-goo artistry...
that none of us is done growing and changing, child or adult
that we can be transparent, allowing His light to shine through us 
that we can bless others with our gifts, stickers or words

Write on,


  1. Out of the mouths of babes. . . Iove this! children are an endless source of joy (and sometimes pain :)) I loved the poetic ending to your slice!!

  2. That is one special little boy you have there. He grabs your heart and holds on for dear life. What a joy to read!

  3. Precious. I like when you call Reid, your elder little. Your poem expresses how touching this was. I am thankful you shared it! These are moments not to miss.

  4. Oh, yes. Be. Still. Your. Heart indeed. How precious. As our children grow older - as WE grow older - why do we fail to express these feelings so eloquently? Your beautiful writing will help you hold on tight to these tender times.

  5. So sweet. Damn. Bestillmyhearttoo. That is the cutest little dragonfly too! How sweet that boy.


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