Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Slice-of-Life Story Challenge | 8

Tonight, I got home late from a professional development session I co-facilitated.  Dinner was in the oven, and to this tired soul, the 'gourmet' Red Baron pizza (with extra cheese!) baking inside made me want run to the table like I was sliding into home base.

My husband cut and served the gooey goodness and we sat down to chat as a family.  Of course, the normal conversations ensued:

"So, what did you do at work today?" I asked my beam-designer husband. 
(I still inquire...even though his technical jargon sounds more to me like the person Peppermint Patty conversed with on the phone in Peanuts cartoons.)

"Normal.  Got a 90% deadline tomorrow..."
(Blah, blah, blah---LOVE how cheesy this slice is.)

Still arrested by my dairy affair, a little voice rescued me from coveting the last slice lying mere steps away in our midget kitchen.

"Mommy, what did you do at wawk today?"
(In Reid-speak, that's 'work.')

I stared into his brownie eyes.  In fact, it might've taken me a minute to process his informational request.
OK, he asked me what I did today at work.  Really?  That's never happened before.
OK, so I have to answer him.  
What do I say?  What do I say?
How do I put what I do in a day in two-year-old terms...?

"Well, I talked with some teachers,
then, I tested some kids,
then, I taught some kindergarteners a little more about writing,
then, I worked on letters with some other kids,
then, I went to a meeting."
(Obviously, the abridged version of March 8...)

'Did you eat pizza at your wawk meeting?" my lovely little one inquired.


Even a toddler knows the best meetings are those which offer soul-pleasing snacks.  My benchmark for planning future gatherings has been reinforced (yet again).

Write on,


  1. The way you tell your stories is always just as delicious as the moment. You have a way with words. I especially love the "dairy affair."

  2. Sometimes we just want what we want, even not sharing with the child. This is just a big chuckle the way you wrote it, B. Would you maybe call this a zen moment? Right there in the present all the way. Love the 'wawk'!

  3. I love the conversation with your two year old. Those times are so precious and need remembering.


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