Sunday, January 1, 2012

My one little word...2012!

So, last year zoomed past...much like my son's matchbox cars along our antique carpenter's chest in the living room.  And, as I reflected yesterday over chai at much happened in 2011.  Selling our house.  Moving into an apartment while we search for the perfect new house.  School.  School.  More school.  Conferences.  In my mind, events wiz by blurry from their speed and my lack of focus.  

This year, I vow to focus.  To savor.  To relish.  To enjoy unhurriedly the moments that make my life.  I've been blessed with a family I love...with a school community that I enjoy working in to grow readers and writers...with a faith that holds firm when I'm at the mountaintop or in the valley.   

Now, I know myself well enough to recognize that this will be a challenge: I'm driven.  I'm task-oriented.  I'm goal-oriented.  I'm a perfectionist.  {There, I said it.}  Savoring isn't necessarily my style because I could be tweaking, building, tinkering, or starting something new.  But, I want to commit to it.  A life of savoring will invite me to slow down enough to enjoy all the small things I miss while manning TASK CENTRAL.

Yesterday I serendipitously stumbled upon Thomas Newkirk's quote above.  It resonates with me not only because I heard him speak with Ellin Keene at NCTE, but also because it melds so seamlessly into the notion of savoring.

I will not live life like it's a to-do list this year.
I will take my time and accept that well done doesn't have to be perfect.
I will focus intently, lovingly on the lives of those I'm gifted to have around me.  
All things, little and big, are important and worth celebrating.

And, on that note, I think I'll savor some chocolate mint crinkles and drink in a little toddler laughter...

Happy New Year!

Write on,

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  1. I love your ending, savoring a little toddler laughter is so important. Good luck with your word; I hope it helps you to go, more, s-l-o-w-l-y!


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