Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My first slice-of-life story...

I've been inspired...thanks, Ruth! :)  Here is my launch into the SOLS community on the Two Writing Teachers' blog.  If you've never been there, do check it out!  It is nothing short of thought-provoking...  
Summer sickness!?!
trike rides,
walks through tree-covered streets,
an appetite.

throbbing back pain,
perpetually pesky headache,
burning throat,
a reason to nap.

Yes, ice cream will make it allllllllll better!


  1. Sickness in the summer is the worst, but you don't need sub plans. Of course, ice cream will always help make things better. Maybe you should have some more. Welcome to Slice of Life Tuesdays.

  2. I enjoyed reading your other posts too - and look forward to Tuesday visits.

  3. Sorry about the sickness but hope the bits of ice cream make it all go away! I went back to read your post 'are you a teacher writer' & loved that final line, "how will your writing grow your students?" I will use it for inspiration these coming months!

  4. Your poem makes it clear how annoying the summer sickness is. I support using ice-cream as medicine.
    I started slicing (writing, reading, commenting) in March. You'll find that it is addictive, challenging, fun, exhilarating, scary, but mostly inspirational.
    Keep writing.

  5. Why is it that summer sickness seems so much worse? I enjoyed your poem and reading your other posts/reflections. I also started slicing in Feb/March and it is a wonderful community to share with every week! Enjoy and I hope you continue writing as well!

  6. @ Elsie and grade4wizard --- I fully exercised your invitations for ice cream therapy. And, know what makes vanilla ice cream even better? Crushed oreos. Yes :). Nearly back to normal! Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. Happy summer :).

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  8. @ teacherdance: I attribute my closing line to Katie Wood Ray. She is a master at describing the craft of writing in such a magical, inviting, thought-provoking way. That's the kind of writing teacher I want to be when I grow up!! However, it all starts here...only I can first take responsibility. What do you like to write?

  9. Thanks for the reply. I write all kinds of things, but mostly stick to poetry, memories, & professional writing. I have been blogging since the March slice challenge. All my life I have journaled, & then in my teaching, I've always written with my students, all kinds of assignments. It's fun to take those challenges, and get the comments from students, as well as give them. It made a real writing community.


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