Tuesday, March 22, 2016

22: The micro-vacation...

I could feel my toes under the waterfall of sand
it started off fast and then trickled off
so I'd dig...deeper, farther this time
and I'd watch it all happen again

Around me an expanse of blue
skies of the cornflower persuasion
seas in some spots bordering on turquoise
and in others cerulean
as if an invitation to wonder
what mysteries lie beneath

The sun kissed my cheeks and then my shoulders
as it fell down like the most comfortable blanket
the one you want to grab on a cold winter's night
which is, perhaps, why the unseasonable warmth
delighted me so

Palms swayed in the gentle breeze
bikers, runners, seashell diggers
moved from one end of the beach to the other
I'd catch them both 

My book progressed a page here
and one there
what separated them from me
were two eyes that would
blink slower and slower
until the sun, the sea, the seashells
mattered not


From my quiet kitchen 
I saw it all while
looking past the emerald swath
of young grass
and the stately border 
of backyard pines
washing the flatware, cookware, dishware
drying the flatware, cookware, dishware
listening to the soap swirl down the drain

Until next time...

Write on,


  1. Love the way you described the warming rays of the sun! You had to live it once to be able to recall it with such exquisite details. Unfortunately, you aren't living it, yet. Someday you will be back in this lovely place. However an emerald swath is pretty neat too.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Elsie. San Diego is always a good micro-vacation...until next time. :)


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