Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Slice-of-Life Story Challenge | 6

Last night after dinner,
Reid and Tom stayed around the table
just a little longer than I did.
Relaxing on the couch with my hometown's newspaper, I zoned out
in favor of the goings-on with familiar people and places in Berne...
until gregarious laughter exploded and
seemed to roll through
our apartment room by room.
I ran, hoping to catch
the tail end of all this silliness.

Indeed, I was privy to much more.

Tom decided that our toddler needed to learn how to play "Simon Says."

Now, this may seem like a pipe dream...
but from what I could tell,
Reid really stuck with the simple directions offered.

"Simon says, touch the cup."
"Simon says, pound on the table."
"Simon says, touch the plate."
"Look up at the ceiling."
(Um, yeah sure; why not?)

Two quick hands flew into Reid's tiny armpits and "buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed" him
(complete with appropriate sound effects)
after the ceiling miscue.
He burst out laughing, giggling, gaffawing ---
whatever it was,
his eyes sparkled and his cheeks became rosy.
It was precious.

Reid caught on to the game.
(Oh, he is a smart one.)

The next series, he followed all the directions
prefaced with "Simon Says" to the letter.
Those missing the alliterative indicator,
he completed
the "buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
from Daddy.

Laughing, giggling, gaffawing ---
whatever it was,
his eyes sparkled and his cheeks were rosy.

It was precious.

Write on,


  1. You can't plan these moments and that's what makes them so precious. They just happen out of love. Thanks for giving me a smile before bed!

  2. I love the way you told this story as much as the moment itself. The noise throughout the apartment, the way you raced to catch the tail end of the silliness, the buzzz sound, your voice in parentheses--it is a good story, well told! He certainly got the game as much as made the game his own.

  3. You just write a great story, no matter what it is. As I have a toddler granddaughter, really I guess older now (almost 3), I enjoy all the baby stories, & this one is priceless. You just never know when the belly laughs will come, & why. I will try to play Simon Says next time Ingrid comes to visit. We'll see what happens. Thanks for a big laugh myself.


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