Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Slice-of-Life Story Challenge | 12

This small-town girl needs a deep freeze

Like my grandmas', to store up:
bags of potato chips that were a steal at the grocery
popcorn that I couldn't finish
flour that I haven't opened
lard that I put in pie crust dough each week
nuts-and-bolts that I offer on-the-ready to hungry guests
homemade cinnamon rolls that I defrost for Sunday mornings
and gooey louie sandwiches that I pop out for family meals

Like my parents', to store up:
bags of fresh corn that I 'put up' in July
homemade strawberry jam that I made for buttery toast
packages of ham loaf that I bake and slather in sweet sauce
a half-cow...all the cuts of beef that I want without going to the store
quarts of homemade applesauce that I partially thaw for dinner
pudding pops in Tupperware molds that I love on hot days
air-tight containers of cookies, bars, and cupcakes that I share in a snap

Will I get one someday?
And, then it's a freezer full of memories for me...

Write on,


  1. Love how you put all of your memories together...all I need is a cellar, but we don't use those some much down here.

  2. Love it!!! Question...Can you really put potato chips in a freezer?

    1. Yes; I think you really can. In fact, I've probably had them before and didn't even know it. Cake mixes freeze well too :). The options are limitless!

  3. Add that to the new house list? Room for a deep freeze!

    1. You got it, Christy! Now we're up to a four-car garage on the wish list...

      BTW: The song I mentioned on your blog when I commented last week; I totally goofed on the artist. "Bohemia" by MAE MOORE, not Mae West. Not sure what I was thinking (OK, I wasn't.).

  4. First, good luck on the house hunt. We will be looking soon, but for a smaller home instead of a bigger. It sounds fun so far! Second, we have a small upright freezer & love it. Maybe that's too much information, but we really use it a lot, as your list showed. But to make it into a poem of memories is so creative. It's another kind of food memory, isn't it?


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