Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My twentieth slice-of-life story...

Just like any self-respecting kindergarten teacher, 
I had my thematic book tubs neatly displayed, organized, and labeled.  
School. Fall. Spring. Weather. HOLIDAYS.  
Now that Reid is in the picture, these textual treasure troves seem to find
their way home like clockwork to provide our daily diet of seasonal reading.  
(God bless this child's future primary teachers: 
"I already know that book..." they'll hear.)  

I can do like Owivia!

 "I want Owivia Helps With Cwistmas!" my reader proclaimed greedily grabbing the hardback from among the lesser holiday selections in the tub.  Jumping in the comfy rocking chair, we cuddled back up to explore how Olivia prepared for Christmas festivities with family.  Teachers like to talk (and we like even better when a rapt pupil listens...).  Together we noticed, and studied, and committed to memory each tangential tidbit of interest.  

She cut the tree top off to decorate the dinner table!  Oh my!
Look at the dog drinking Santa's milk and eating Santa's cookies!
A raccoon is making noise on the roof?  I thought it was Santa's reindeer...
Olivia got skis for a Christmas gift!  What are skis?
(Skiing where I am is NOT topographically feasible, 
so a little picture exploration will have to do.)

Picture copied from Olivia Helps With Christmas by Ian Falconer
A few hours later what I spied from my kitchen abuzz with dinner preparation (and in the meantime didn't notice the character who absconded with a few choice utensils) was my little Midwest skier, intently studying his mentor while figuring out how to make the plastic whisk and metal spatula work in his favor. 

Now about that hill, Mommy...

Write on,


  1. Studying his mentor... OH I LOVE IT! That's awesome B! Thanks for sharing this. Made my night. :-)

  2. Love this photo! It is too funny. Watch out when it snows.

  3. Just a wonderful story to share about your little one. How awesome that he figured it out. I think there are play skis to be had somewhere. I love the link to Olivia. I might have to introduce this book to my granddaughter!

  4. LOVE THIS! Oh, my how adorable! I love the way you set up your slice. Darling snippet of dialogue. :)

  5. Don't have this Olivia book yet, very cute pics. Thanks for sharing the book and your story.

  6. Precious capturing of a moment in time you will treasure forever. The dialogue added a snapshot of the mood. The picture - what a connection! :)MHG


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